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re: The Kin Auction

This is a lovely feature of Lotro where kin members (doesn't work for recruits but you can ask a member or officer to help you)can buy and sell items from and to other kin members.

We quite often have great items posted on there which go unsold because people forget or don't know to check it. Make it a habit, every time you pop to the auction, tick the kin field and hit search you never know what you might find. Worst case scenario you find there is nothing on there, but it took you just a second to check it so no harm done. In an hour or 2 that situation may have changed.

Quite a few kinfolk post on there but it's like everything, if they don't sell the stuff they post, eventually they will stop posting. Don't let this happen it would be a great shame.

I've regularly seen and posted really good things on there for a few silver, so it is really worth checking. You are bound to occasionally spot things you didn't know you needed until you saw them! (or maybe that's just me)

There are a few basic courtesy rules for using the auction:

Remember, the person who posted the item can see who buys it

Don't be greedy: buy only what you personally need and will use.

Share with your kin mates: Let other kinfolk also benefit from the bargains! When there are many multiple things of the same type, please don't buy them all

Not for resale: These items are not to be bought and sold for a profit - anyone found doing so may be expelled from the kin.

Happy Shopping!

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